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Procure Partnerships Framework

Who can use the Procure Partnerships Framework?

The Procure Partnerships Framework contract notice has been structured in a manner to allow any of the public sector bodies listed below to use the suite of frameworks.

Schools & Academies

Colleges & Universities

Government Departments

NHS Bodies

Leisure Providers

Libraries and Museums

Emergency Services

Local Authorities

Ministry of Defence

Housing Associations

Health and Social Care

Registered Charities

4 Different Call-off Methods

The Procure Partnerships Framework has been structured to provide Public Sector users with four OJEU and PCR15 call-off methods.

Two Stage Mini Competition

Contractors are invited to submit a bid for your project based upon a series of quality questions (set by you) and a commercial submission which commonly includes a pre-construction fee, onsite prelim, and fixed OH&P. You then select one contractor at the end of mini competition stage to develop the remaining design in partnership.

Two Stage Mini competition (express)

Contractors are invited to submit a bid for your project based on two quality questions, set by you, and a commercial submission which is only based upon their fixed framework OH&P. At the end of mini competition express stage, one contractor is selected to develop the remaining design in partnership. This entire process only takes 1.5 weeks.

Single Stage Competitive Tender

Contractors are invited to fully price your project providing competitive quotations at the end of the tender period. commonly the design for your project is required to be at RIBA Stage 4 for a Single Stage Tender. The framework has been set up to permit variance in the balance of quality / cost assessment percentages.

Direct Award

A framework contractor is directly selected for a project without re-opening competition. Contractors can work with you under a PCSA to develop any remaining design or request for your project to be fully priced. If you are interested in direct award, then please get in touch and we can let you know how the process works within your region.

Procure Partnerships Framework Tender Process

Public Sector users can either use their own portal, third party portals, or the Procure Partnerships Portal (iProucre) to run their tender exercises. 

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Framework Users

Framework Users in the past 12 months Include…

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